Teachable Moments

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22110221 mlParent Power: Using The Teachable Moments

An Exchange of views and beliefs is more effective than "scare" tactics.

  • An important aspect of being able to guide your children is to LISTEN CAREFULLY to their point of view.
  • Help your children understand that their actions have consequences.
  • As parents, and adults we are significant role models for our children.  How we model behaviors has a huge impact on our children.  We should be aware of the examples we set in our everyday lives.
  • When  children make poor choices, there are opportune times to capitalize on teachable moments.  Use these opportunities to discuss options and information with your children.
  • Share your own personal experiences, both negative and positive, in confronting peer pressure.  Be honest with your children.  Let them know that YOU know there are many difficult decisions and choices.  Let them know there are adults who care about them and with whom they can talk when needed.  (Even if they can't talk to you about something, let them know who they could approach for help-teacher, youth minister, favorite aunt or uncle and others.)